13.Susan Lynn Bragg(non-registered)
Accolades my friend (and more than a little love)
12.Leah Woodward(non-registered)
Your photos are amazing! You have an anointing. You are a photographer....
10.Terra Trofort(non-registered)
Not enough time to say how amazing you are....I could go on and on and on and on. Okay so I'll stop. Love you and I'm sooooo proud.
9.Yolande Bruce(non-registered)
Nice Work! Congrats on stepping into your dreams!
8.Beverly Reeves(non-registered)
David I am so very proud of you! You have an amazing talent! Your photography is truly inspiring.
I pray that you will get the recognition that you so richly deserve.
7.Kimberly Holloway(non-registered)
Beautiful work, my Brother!
6.Zipporah Bruce(non-registered)
Love all the photos!! Can't wait to see your new projects! Thank you for using me as a part of your portfolio:)
David, thank you so much for the wonderful photos! You are truly gifted! :o)
Thank you so much for capturing our 2011 FAMU Essential Theatre Reunion so beautifully!
I'm so happy for you and your new found passion!!!
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